COSCIENZA CERAMICA is an exclusive Nexion & Ispira luxury studio.

Founded in 2021 by Paritala Krishna Chaitanya, COSCIENZA CERAMICA is enabling unique luxury surface experiences for thousands of residential and commercial clients throughout India and worldwide.

The unfathomable desire to consistently deliver premium quality surfaces drives us and empowers us.

Modern. Upscale. Luxury, but with a tinge of culture.



Your one-stop space for premium tile experiences and all things Nexion.

We’re creating timeless experiences in the world of ceramic tiles.

“CO'SCIÈN'ZA CERÀMICA” truly translates to Ceramic Consciousness.

Striving to bring awareness and making luxury ceramic products available to people is a part of our timeless journey.


A curated collection of unique and artistic designs which amplify the beauty of your walls and floors, elevating your spaces.

COSCIENZA CERAMICA offers a large collection of ceramic tiles and porcelain surfaces in a variety of sizes and finishes.

We also have a unique collection of sintered Italian marble and textured marble to enable unique and seamless surfaces.

Catering to residential and commercial avenues in the construction industry, we dispatch and deliver to any ongoing site across India.

Need us to elevate your commercial spaces? Want to renovate your luxury spaces? Think of CO'SCIÈN'ZA CERÀMICA.


CO'SCIÈN'ZA CERÀMICA primarily deals with NEXION and ISPIRA.

NEXION is a pioneer in the premium segment of the Indian ceramic market and exports to over 35 countries worldwide.

They design architectural surfaces by taking inspiration from natural and artificial surfaces like stone, marble, wood, concrete, and fabric.

They cater to the high-end segment in the market by delivering premium tiles that are designed in Italy and manufactured using state-of-the-art technology in India.

Their aesthetic finishing boasts impeccable quality, and it’s made using new-generation press technology.

ISPIRA tiles is a domestic brand that specializes in artificial designs, replicating the values of NEXION in its enablement and finish.


CO'SCIÈN'ZA CERÀMICA aims to revive the craft of ceramic making by supplying and promoting ceramic tiles as a part of cultural identity worldwide.

Our artisanal drive infuses innovation with technology to consistently enable superior-quality surfaces.

Working to deliver exceptional value for your money, we aspire to form long-term relationships with clients as a supplier and meet your luxury living expectations with utmost consistency and transparency.

The ceramic industry has seen a paradigm shift in opting for smart and green alternatives. CO'SCIÈN'ZA CERÀMICA can help you take a step closer to conscious living.


Luxury: We bring to you, in all ways, luxury and only luxury experiences.

Ǫuality: We are absolute taskmasters when it comes to quality. No compromise!

Innovation: We strive to bring unique and creative designs in custom sizes and surface finishes.

Integrity: The secret recipe that makes great things impeccable. It’s this one thing with which our clients trust us, throughout.

Transparency: Get what you want with the utmost transparent details. No hidden details or unexplained costs.

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